Friday, March 23, 2012

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Part 1

I need to log down my Amsterdam's entry! :) at least in one entry, as usual, every year, we will go somewhere, around end of  Jan, since our Wedding Anniversary on 1st of Jan, (we ruled out hectic New Year, so we always opted for end of Jan before another hectic Valentines mid Feb..), so last year was Rome, this year, we want something easy, because I was super busy on December and January, penatnye masyAllah! soooo, we (I) need place without so many places to visit! Last year holiday, Rome, there's sooo many thing you NEED to see.. soo many historic moment.

We chose Amsterdam since less than 1 hour flight, easy! What WE (I) didn't know, thatttttt it's gonna be super duper cold! usually, end of Jan, we're heading towards mid winter, like previous visits (Madrid in 2010, Rome in 2011). But we were wrong! man... it was cold, -8degree on the day that we actually arrived, it was one sunny day! but damn, the cold sampai ke tulang.. we are English, (*I AM JOKING HERE ;p malay with still belacans in cupboard. ;p haha! we are from England kan, tak main lah-15 ni, paling minus pon -9 mcm tu je.. takdelahhh sampai minus -15, mau tak gigil?)

I tell you, this year winter was crazy, it was like Spring in December, tak sejuk! and it was damn cold, end of January until mid Feb.. it's actually not that cold in UK, (Brighton/London)  on that day tup tup sampai Amsterdam, nak tercabut tulang.. dah lah x bawak scarves tebal! :p lesson learned!

Both of us never been to Amsterdam, since Amsterdam was his plan for his final trip before back to Msia for 'good'(who knows our rezeki in England kan until now?) in 2007, I still remembered, he called me back in 07, and said 'tomorrow I gonna leave for Amsterdam.. yada, yada super excited!' then tomorrow nyaaa he called and said trip cancelled because his travel mate lost his passport, haha! now, 5 years later, we both see Amsterdam together! :) 

Btw, we totally forgot to book any hotels, a day before baru perasan, I told you I was superly busy Dec/Jan! sooo mana2 lahhh yang dapat.. :p and the price? hehe of course slightly expensive.. 

Now. enjoy the pictures for the second day that we were in Amsterdam! :) the first day, I just relaxing, rejuvenating self! :p (dah banyak plak membebel ;p) 

The Dutch Cheese!

Wooden Shoes

The Famous Tulip's momento
The View from the Room


The Man with all the money.haha! my breadwinner ;)

Amsterdam & Bicycles, never been apart!

The famous crunchy

The woman, The Spender of the unit.

My bed!

The famous chips!

The Tram

The police! cool trucks

will continue.. for the second part later!

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