Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Part 2 (Let's it snow, let's it snow.. )

For Amsterdam, we bought 3 days ticket for public transport, so you can take any public transport, trams, train, metro, our hotel, just in the city centre soo sgt easy to commute to everywhere.

The last day we were in Amsterdam, we're lucky enough for the snow! it's like in million years we can see Amsterdam covered with snow (since we're not living there, kan?). It was snowing throughout the day, bits by bits, amazingly white, serene, purity.. but it was -15C below! you can't even feel your own fingers, and plus 7hours flight delay on the way back to London, once touch down, we experienced London in snow pulak, what amazing week! :)

As for the snow, I was aware with the snow.. BUT, in the weather forecast they only said light snow, soo I was expecting, haha it will similar to sleet snow (why did I think that way? duh!) maybe because if in Brighton,  light snow it's merely no snow at all! haha! soooo at first it was light snow, the snowflakes very thick, and falling bits by bits, non stop, and tup tup, tebal je kan.. :D amazing! I experienced snow in Brighton before, malam snow, esok pagi bangun je dah tebal, ni, I see myself, how's the snow falling bits and pieces, and the COLD!! MASYALLAH, you can't feel your own fingers, so we NEED hot drinks, always. :)

and.... 7hours delay for return to London(most of places delay, in fact all flights!)


  1. Waa.. bestnya pegi Amsterdam :) And it snow somemore.. hehe

  2. subhanallah. i kt dlm salji tu, u tak perasan ke nadia...hehehhe

  3. teringin nak g amsterdam, tp ari tu husband takmo bawak, reason sbb die dh g. saye? emo :(