Thursday, June 07, 2012

We're expecting..

the lil one!! :)

I'm 13 weeks preggy.. Alhamdulillah.. soon to end the Trimester 1, and will be starting Trimester 2. I still couldn't believe that I'm pregnant.. until when we're having our scheduled Ultrasound Scan last week, so bila nampak there's real baby in tummy, baru lah percaya.. :p

We're actually planned to have a baby this year, we think it's the right time for us, after 2 years of marriage.. dah boleh kot kan.. so I took Acid Folic since last November and we're trying this year, Alhamdulillah.. semuanya kuasa Allah.. sebab rezeki dari Dia.

So early April, I dah rasa lain macam, my boobs sakit, I don't feel right, macam demam, flu, tekak rasa payau, you know when your body behaved inappropriately. and I just simply can't WAIT for my due date, sooooo I took the test, just cheap stick (not that cheap, I think pregnancy's stick is expensive!) but the second line mcm blur sikit maybe belum sampai due date lg kan, so I ran to nearest Boots, and buy the super expensive digital pregnancy's stick! haha and... another positive hits. Then wait for husband back from work (i was off on that day), hehe.. buy the 'soon to be daddy' card. He knew I maybe pregnant, so there's no surprise element, just confirmation that I am pregnant! :p

and I tested again for the third time with Azli to just make sure I ammmm PREGNANT! haha 3 kali okay. :p

Azli of course happy, I think we both happy because we're trying, (but couldn't believe yet..) and OF COURSE my family especially, happily jumping because I'm the eldest, soo baby will be family's first grandkid. :p And my 63year old dad lah yg paling happy, because everyone else (his friends) dah ada cucu, sooooo asyik tanya je bila nak ada baby.. haha, kelakar everytime skyping with my dad, and he always asking this kind of baby's Qs, because he knew we want to wait after 2 years, soo bila dah 2 years, hah every single week tanya! ;p

Alhamdulillah. :)

But, jauh lagi perjalanan.. another 27 weeks to go.. semoga semuanya selamat je.. semoga there's no problem with baby.. Amin ya RabbalAlamin. there's long journey ahead.

After we tested 3 times, hehe nak lah confirmed with doctor kan.. we booked appointment with our GP at Brunswick Surgery.

and.. she asked me, how many times that you took the home pregnancy test?I said 3, she said, aaa then no need to re-test, you're pregnant for sure. I was like 'what???' hehe.. here, most doctors accepted  the home pregnancy test result. :) So she booked me a midwife straightaway! :)

Sooooo... until next entry for my midwife experience! :)


  1. Wow weee!! Congrats to both of you :) . Take good care of yourself .

  2. Nadia, congrats again babe. take a good care of urself. Read your story , I lak rasa terharu. :) Jaga food, ur body. Jgn lasak2 k..;p

  3. hi nadia...congratss!!wah sonoknya dah nak ada baby...hope everything goes well..aminnn :)

    -dina (ur regular tierack customer..hehehe)-

  4. Congraattssssssssssssssss!!!!! Take good care of yourself k, time ni la boleh guna alasan 'tak larat', hahaha :D

  5. asalamualaikum,



  6. Congrats Nad...enjoy your pregnancy journey...

  7. Nadia,congratulations!alhamdulillah,embrace the coming weeks experiencing your baby growing in your tummy :) The best feeling in the world really insyaAllah (inspite of the discomfort and ache pain we preggy mums have to go through) ;) It's all worth it!Take care and keep us posted

  8. congrats nadia and hubby :) take care and enjoy the pregnancy journey,its all worth it!

  9. alhamdulillah! best nyer. jadi saye pun tak boleh berputus asa! haru berusaha gigih juga.

  10. Congratulation dear.... take care ya....

  11. Dhia,

    Tahniah.....Alhamdulillah semoga semuanya dipermudahkan Allah SWT. jaga diri baik2.