Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Pregnancy Update so far..

I need mojo mojo! ;p

I'm on my 22weeks this week, so far Alhamdulillah.. everything so far went smoothly.. hopes for easy journey for next next months, Amin. I yet to have morning sickness or any sickness, sooooo BIG Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah! as for Ramadhan, yes, I'm fasting, baby doing very good, very helpful to mummy to go through this Ramadhan, even 19hours of fasting, 1hour journey back and forth from work, baby doing sooo good for fasting along with mummy!

Oh, we're not going back to Msia for Raya (unfortunately!), since I will be 6 months then, got classes, midwife's appointment, and if anything happen 6months better stay here, since all records will be here, and of course! because deliver here FOC :D sooo stay put in England's soil next few months, or maybe short babymoon out to Europe for few days. InsyAllah, my mom will be here later.

Last 2 weeks, we had our 20weeks scan, sooo we're pretty sure if we have boy or girl, hehe! since the nurse soooo confident what gender we will be having (InsyAllah) in December, either way, we're not really choosy, since it's our first pregnancy, so ok je! :p We're yet to buy anything, am not in the shopping mood for baby, just shopping mood for me je so far. haha! It's okay baby, next year you're the first priority mummy will be second :p

As for baby's kicks, I felt the first time last week, I think around 27/7/12, in my 20weeks, lambat sikit lah kan, I asked midwife previously because my mom tanya if dah rasa baby kick belum, midwife said it's pretty normal for first time mummy to feel the kicks around 20-22weeks, because kita tak tahu macam mana rasa kick tu lg kan. ;) so now, baby is kicking non stop! yesterday I visited toilets like hundreds of times since baby dah dapat favorite spot to kick! ;p mummy's bladder!!! ohmai, be good babyyyy.. exhausted for countless visit to the loo, imagine 8/9months? :O

Baby 12weeks in mummy's tummy - 12weeks Scan

#Hello, I'm due on 13.12.12, I'm 12 weeks n 1 day in this picture, mummy said, plis come out 12.12.12, then I will got a nice birthdate! same as my Pak Uda ;p - "I Actually in tears for first few minutes to see the baby, because I thought I will see like bean shape instead of baby shape! I was like "I got a baby inside my tummmyyyy?? Are you sure?" and the nurse said, amazing is it? " - Indeed yes :)


  1. Alhamdulillah

    take care Dhia :)

  2. It is amazinggg!!! I suka sangat time pregnant dulu (i didn't get morning sickness though), rasa all the good hormones semua terlebih, hihihi