Sunday, October 07, 2012

42 Weeks!

Its hard to update blog lately, lazyyyyyy bum! Now i've installed blogger's apps, sooooo hopefulllyyyyy blog will be update Hehe!

Now, i'm counting the dayyyyy, another 4 weeks to start my 42 weeks of holidaysssss! I decided to take 39  weeks of maternity leave!!!! (with money of course!) nasib lah dpt allowance kan, actually in UK you're entitled to take 52 weeks of maternity leave, but allowance up to 39 weeks. So i still have 3 weeks holiday, sooooo enjoy the 3 weeks holiday first, thennnnnnn start maternity leave on December (intense week, scary nye bersalinnnnnnn) will finish my leave until Sept next year, insyAllah boleh lahhh be with baby until dia besar enough for nursery.


  1. ohh congratsss dear..dah ade isi rupenyeee...its me dila..if u still remember me u yg tlg belikan wallet HUGO for my hantaran 1 day before my event hahah..anyway i have followed your blog and kalau sudi silalah follow me too...daaaaa

  2. yati: thanks babe!

    Dalila: Hellooooooooo! how's married life treated you babe? hehe it's been almost a year dah! hehe thanks babe! I dah add your bloggggg! ;)

  3. Hi Nadia,

    All the best for your delivery.

    It's so good to have such a long maternity leave, especially its paid one :). At least we feel more prepared to leave the toddler at childcare as he/she would have a bit grown up.

    You look a bit different now.


  4. Sally: Hello! Thanks babe! :) it's true, at least for the first year, I will be able to spend time with the baby, getting to know baby, and most important thing, learn how to raise the baby, as me the first timer! :)

    yea, I think I got motherly face nowwwww! :p