Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Funny, nervous, anxious, mixture of every lil things!

Pregnancy gives me funny feeling, the idea of living human being inside you, it is funny! and weird at the same time, lagi lagi the feeling if baby is moving around, kicking or hiccup, or when my belly bubbling non stop, I actually laugh out loud, what exactly the lil one doing inside? so funny okeh!

Few weeks to go!! 

At the same time, nervous and anxious feeling about the delivery playing around myself every single day, afraid of tear or the contraction, I can't stand pain, fullstop. Pray hardddddddddddddd, and am thinking, that most woman survive the delivery right? why not me? hah! :p I will face it sooner, soooo don't keep thinking about it, as my friend said, because she keep on thinking about the delivery, her BP increase, and almost kena c-section, hehe so funneh! :p


another one, the feeling or thinking how to raise a child?? it's scares me! a lot! how am gonna bring a child up in this world? will I be a good mom? and etc, endless questions in my head..

I guess, I have to take one step at the time!

Nadia. 34 weeks towards the pregnancy.

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