Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 44

Day 44! Yeay! the last day of Pantang for mummy! Hooray!

As for me, my eyes more focus now, I can lift my head briefly, I love to coo and gurgle now, and I love to sleep in my cot! I love bath time(she's always smiling whenever in her bath tab), but I hate it when mummy strip me off, it's colddddd mummmyyyy!


It's true! Embun Lily loves her cot so much! I tried to put her sleep with me on bed, she just can't sleep, 30minutes and mata boolaattt, if I put her in her cot, straight 5hours no problem! :p usually babies the other way around kan? Owwwhh,, mummy wuvvvvvv you Embun Lily!

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