Monday, January 07, 2013

Embun Lily - Birth Experience Part 1

Hello! Happy New Year everyone..

So, here's my first post for 2013, long overdue entry to share the news here! (it will be super long entry!)

Alhamdulillah,I safely delivered a healthy 3.28kg baby girl on Tenth of December 2012, Monday, 7.27pm. Praise Allah for her.. I am a mother now... pinch myself please.. heh yet still, I couldn't believe.. a mummy!

Embun Lily Mohamad Azli, our little princess.

So the birth experience..

On Friday morning, I had a "show" (pink mucus for me). So I dah warned Azli, I said, be prepared! it's about the time before he went to work. Nervous dah.. because my due date was on 13th, so it can be it! :p but I don't have any contractions yet, or water pon tak pecah lagi, so I google lah, the labour can start in 48 hours, but in some cases it can be 2 weeks.. -_-, I pray for 48hours, because if 2 weeks late from due date, it's gonna be around Christmas, so imagine lah UK ni, Christmas macam raya, short staffs and busy everywhere..

On Saturday, still I have no contractions, but show/heavy discharge still ada dah wonder, bilaaaa nak start ni, haha! tak sabar pulak, still clueless at that point..

On Sunday, it was a sunny day soo we went for a walk by the beach, around 11am macam tue, because my mom asked for stones, nak buat bertungku (ok, I imagine tungku tu you kena duduk atas batu panas, haha rupanya bukan!) So we all pergi lah jalan-jalan, and mana tahu cepat lah bersalin kan, but at this point, when I started to walk, oh sakitnya, macam period pain, but much more stronger, it comes and go..but tak kerap sangat, every 15-20minutes.

Then, the contractions started around 6.30pm, this time definitely it! because it felt like painful period pain, and it came every 10minutes.. but I remembered from Antenatal Classes, midwives said you can call anytime, but you will be admitted to hospital if only contractions around 5 minutes apart, so i takde la call hopital lagi kan, cuma stay on bed, dan menahan sakit.. tapi okay lg la sakit dia, I still can laugh and whatnot.. hehe!

So around 12am, we called the hospital, the labour ward and informed them all my signs and everything, masa ni, show still there, no more pink mucus, but blood stained mucus,and ada clear water jugak, soo I takut my water dah break without me realizing it, but because of my contractions still not yet mature enough, labour ward asked me just stay at home, take aspirin, and just having a bath, and relax, but they will call me another 2 hous to check.

Around 2 am, masa ni, Azli pon dah penat, checking my contractions, hehe kitorang write down every contractions, and how long the contractions everytime.. so labour ward called me again to check on my progress, so at this time, dah 4-7minutes apart, but yet can be admitted, they are looking for 2-3minutes contractions apart and the contraction need to last 60seconds.. I pon okay je la.. masuk dalam bath tab for 1 hour, just to relax, but taknak makan aspirin, I wonder why? maybe because afraid of the baby's side effect, padahal midwife dah explain, baby is about time je nak keluar, it wont have any effect lagi :p Labour ward asked me to come to hospital 9am, just to check if water still ada lg ke x, just to check progress of the baby.

4am, my mom pon dah tak boleh tidur, tengok my conditions, yang dah berpusing2 tue.. hehe but SURPRISINGLY I still able to cope with the pain, tak jerit pon.. just silently menahan the contractions. She cooked nasi and lauk in case I deliver later, so makan dulu, then lepas tue semua dah penat, and tidur.

9am, I checked the contractions, so I malas pergi hospital, sebab dah takde clear water signs, and contractions pon tak sampai 2-3minutes lg, so I decided to just stay at home. I taknak dah penat sampai hospital then kena balik.. nangis I, sbb contractions and jalan sana sini, must be painful!

2pm, once again in bath tab, just to relax, water memang calm me down.. and Azli is waiting for people from Virgin to install our Fibre Optic. and Labour Ward called me again, and asked me just to come hospital for next hour, to assist my condition.

3pm, at this moment, contractions unbearable!! ni memang sakit betul, sampai nangisssssssssssss!!!! and baru habis 1 contraction, lagi satu contraction datang.. ohhh mmg sakitttt sgt! pastu orang yang install cable ni lambat lah pulak... I dah tak tahan ni, but I wonder why no I just insist Azli just to go hospital at the moment, memang x terfikir pon, menahan sakit je lebih..

4pm we arrived at Royal Sussex County Hospital, masa ni, nak jalan pon semputttt... sakitnya Ya Allah je lah yang tahu, then, kena naik lift level 13, so mana nak tunggu lift lagi, nak jalan dari carpark lagi.. I dah nak pengsan pon ada.. then Azli took the wheelchair, tapi dia tolak lagi lambat dr I jalan, I pon malas, baik je I jalan, haha! then when arrived at Labour Ward, then kena tunggu plak turn, padahal dah bagi tau tadi nak datang, so lucky dah take midwife's name, so Azli pergi cari, masa ni rasa nak marah pon ada, sebab Azli left me alone.. hehe dengan sakit lg.. rupanya dia cari midwife. :p basically semua benda rasa nak marah, sebab dah sakit sangat... :p

So around 420pm, midwife checked my condition, took urine sample, and then dia nak check dilation, Oh my!!! sakitnya, check macam tue je dah sakit sgt, rasa bersyukur sangat tak dtg hospital awal, if not, imagine they keep checking your dilation every hour?? oh i can't stand.. So after that, she said, oh you fully dilated, 10cm, you can deliver now, masa tue surprise pon ada, rupanya I dah 10cm on the way tu? imagine deliver dalam kereta? haha! it was emotional moment indeed, because this is it! you gonna have a baby! the next chapter of your life!!

So midwife asked for birth plan, I said I want a water birth, because I comfortable in water, and I dah fully dilated dah pon.. soooo no drug I able to take..

will continue next entry! (entry dah too long ;p)

So Embun Lily was born underwater at Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton.


  1. Adventure n saspan kan time2 kritikal before labour..
    rasa nk putus nyawa..but still tawakkal and mohon panjang umo sbb nak bersama anak..
    Mmg tensen time VE kalu yang pandai tak saket pon kak..infact, kita boleh tak perasan..Yang tak pakar je yg check sampai kita sakit...haaiiishhh

    underwater born tu..camna kak? sakit tak? hope to here from you soon..Tak sabar nak baca sambungan..

  2. congrats both. Bn a silent reader of your blog. Was excited to hear of the birth story, dok tunggu jugak sampai sempat pergi holiday during xmas, still no update. Cant wait for part 2. hope you are recovering well and enjoying the cutie pie.

  3. Excited nak tunggu next entry. anyway congrats :)

  4. i have one question, why u and azli choosed embun lily? i teringat nama anak saiful nang nama bunga...sebab u suka bunga ke?? btw nice and simple name :)

  5. Congratulations on the arrival of your princess, sis!

    With love from Manchester :)

  6. Congratulation Nadia! Oh.. sweet name.. welcome to the world sweet princess Embun Lily :)

  7. Latifah: Salam you, itu la, mmg tawakal je nak bersalin tue, macam2 fikir, VE tue, maybe I x expect pon mcm tue, so bila dia xm tue terkejut plus sakit contraction lg, haha!

  8. Wan Afzan: will continue soon you, sementara ada mood nie kan.. ;)

  9. Mrs Hilmi: Awwww, thanks so much you for reading my blog, I never thought people will read my boring entry. hehe.. but will continue part 2 soon, tgh ada mojo tulis nie, lg pon lil on is doing really good, tak meragam sangat, Alhamdulillah :)

  10. Yati Ali: Thanks so much you! :)

    ciksuzlin: Thank you!

    Has: Thanks Has! :)

  11. fskamaruddin: I memang suke classic name you, so ada few in mind, and as for Lily, I love flower! and easy senang je nak sebut, and simple :D

    saliha: Thanks saliha! Amin for you too! semoga segalanya dipermudahkan, Amin

  12. Iqa Jalil: Thanks Iqa, good luck on your study! :)

    groovy ally: Thanks darling! :)