Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Embun Lily - Birth Experience Part 2 (Water Birth Experience)

Continue from my last Entry,

Midwife check my urine sample, unfortunately  ada protein, so possibly, I dehydrated, and water birth only for people in good condition and had well 9 months pregnancy, but sempat lagi tu I explain, I got contractions since yesterday, sooo I dah susah nak makan and minum, because almost 20 hours dah kan, tu sebab yang I dehydrated. So she checked my record, memang I never had protein in urine before, so dia pon kata ok, and lucky me, 1 room yang ada water pool available.

Before kene tolak masuk labour room, sesi meminta maaf dgn Azli dulu, before pergi hospital dah siap minta maaf dgn my parents dah.. sob sob, nak touching lebih pon, sakit lagi menguasai diri. hehe! 430pm I was in the pool, if you choose water birth, you're not allowed for drugs, so my only option was gas, so sambil sedut gas, I was berguling2 in pool, to cope with the contractions, (gas tu takde effect sgt pon, sakit still rasa, but it makes you hallucinating a bit) because this moment memang tuhan je tahu sakitnya macam mana. and I was in drug free labour? what am I thinking???? but I definitely takut the idea of epidural, sebab needle.. tue lahhh yg opted water birth ni, because I just comfortable in water! memang through out pregnancy, everyday I was in bath tab after work.. relaxing warm water.

After 1 and half hour in pool, my water just broke, you can hear the gush, the sound of air ketuban tu pecah, but seriously, tak terasa pon dah sejam setengah dah dalam water pool, and tak beranak2... tapi water just broke, so it was progressing.. I got 2 midwives in room (1 midwife and 1 midwife's student) and Azli of course, throughout the process. Oh yes, for water birth you x boleh dehydrate, so lucky me, we already packed Lucozade half dozen, sooo memang keep drinking lucozade, and midwives prepared for me plain water just in between, sambil contractions, sambil tu minum air. As for water in the pool, midwife keep checking the water temperature and make sure it's warm enough for me.

Every half hour, midwife will check baby's heartbeats, just to make sure she's not in distress, if distress, they will have to take me out, maybe baby dah lemah ke and she asked me just keep on move, guling2 je dalam pool tu, so baby will not stay in the same position for too long. Alhamdulillah baby okay je along the process..

7.00pm, I heard midwife said, even tengah hallucinating sebab gas and the contractions, "Nadia, if you're not deliver by 730pm, I have to take you out from pool, for assessment", I was like? hah aku tak beranak lagi ke? haha penatnyaaaa... boleh tak ingat dh beranak.. haha but, I memang tak push kuat lg kot, because before that I was asking, when to push? midwife said, you will know when, when the pain is unbearable, and you will feel heavier at your end. So belum lagi lah... but when I heard midwife cakap nak keluar kan I dari pool by 730pm, I said to myself, come on Nadia, just pushhhhhh, get it over, no more assessment, come on baby! haha! boleh macam tu kan, but I memang tak jerit pon, just moaning every contractions.. memang surprise dengan diri sendiri! :p I thought I will scream in every contractions! haha sebab jenis tak tahan sakit.

by 715pm, memang dah sakit sangat2, rasa nak terkeluar dah semua dalam perut.. haha! and at this moment , I was pushing in every contractions, and Azli was holding my shoulder and my hands from outside the pool, Azli said "everytime you push, I can see baby's head, then masuk balik, haha!" yelah you only can push when you feel the contractions kan, so after that baby's head masuk balik la :p by 7.27pm, I was pushing with all my energy, and I can feel the head is coming out, fuhhhhh, then I was saying to myself, come on, next, push the shoulder out, sempat lagi cakap tue.. :p but the feeling when the head keluar tue, rasa macam your down tue terbakar, that's what i feel at the moment... -_- then when I push the shoulder out, I x feel anything sangat.. because the head tue dah keluar kan..Alhamdulillah.. Embun Lily was born 7.27pm.

So as for water birth, I'm not allowed to stand up, from pusat ke bawah tue must be under water level. Baby need to be born in the water, so if I stand up, so nanti baby will half2, half under water, half above water, will be complication because baby will try to breath. Baby is no more likely to drown in a water birth, because baby lives in water kan? and placenta still supply oxygen during birth tue, then cord is cut, the flow of oxygen from the placenta is stopped; and when baby hits the cold air, then it triggers the first breath.

After I pushed out baby's shoulder, bila dia dah keluar tue, baby herself lift up to water surface, yelah dia dalam perut pon duduk dalam air kan, soo bila dalam pool tue, dia ok je moving, then midwife terus assist baby dekat I, Can't describe the feeling, when seeing and holding my little one for the first time made me feel relieve! speechless and the sense of completeness and lucky!

Then after that, tak lama pon nak mushy feeling I hv to deliver the placenta la pulak.. so midwife asked me, you want to do naturally or injection? Labour pon dah natural and drug free kan, so i said je lah natural, so midwife gave baby to Azli, and Azli azan iqamah kan baby, so I pulak nak keluar kan placenta, I asked midwife, how long it will takes? then she said up to an hour, wahh... I dah lah penat beranak td, macam kena beranak lg rasanya, but Alhamdulillah, 5 minutes after delivery Embun Lily, I terus ada contraction, then terus push, keluar terus, midwife said, besar placenta, padan la I lost 10kgs after birth! placenta pon besar. Tapi menyesal tengok, adoi, geli okehhh... terbayang2 sampai sekarang! :p

In meantime, Azli dah selesai azan iqamah, midwife asked, is he praying? yes, she replied back, aaa, sweet. In labour room, you're allowed to do anything that you're comfortable with, lagu ape ke nak pasang.. :D macam kitorang pasang zikir sepanjang la masa nak bersalin tue. memang bersalin ni kita ingat tuhan je lah takde bende lain dah kan.. :) Alhamdulillah segalnya dipermudah kan..

Will continue later for Post Birth Experience! :) even duduk hospital semalam je, nak share jugak! :p


  1. Congratulations Nadia!

    I pula yang berdebar baca u punya post pasal bersalin dalam air. :)

    Mami Little Hero

  2. rasa sebak baca entry ke2 ni..sobs sobs..*emo*

    Alhamdulillah. Congrats Nadia :)

    - Neta

  3. U ni Nadia, pandai cerita lah. I tak rasa takut sgt nk bersalin nanti bila baca ur entry. Sebab d way u citer semuanya rasa okay. COngrats Nadia.. Embun or Lily sangat comel. Pretty name for pretty baby..

  4. Mami Little Hero: Thanks babe! hehe rasa best dapat bersalin dalam air, Alhamdulillah kejap je :)

    Neta: Thank you! :) tue laaa x sangke dh jadi mak org dah nie! :p


  5. Jihan: Thanks babe! :) she's my sweetttt munchkin now, hehe rasa nak gigitt je

    Sha: Thanks babe! I wish you lots of luck pulak, tapi betul babe, normal labour mmg easier I think, sebab dah tak ingat dah sakit waktu bersalin kot.. senang nak jage diri la! :) compare with C, tapi one way or another, hope for safe delivery for both mummy and baby! :D