Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mummy and Embun Lily

# Scarves from

We went to High Commission to do Embun Lily's passport last 2 weeks, her first visit to London! she well behaved, and really, going out with her, it's like going out with celebrity, people stop by and say hye, hehe budak kecik ni dah la pandai senyum dengan orang lately! lagi lahhhh orang melayan.. no idea having a newborn, you can mingle with whole town!, dalam train pon orang siap datang and say hye to her, budak2 lagi la suke. :D comels je kan!

anyway, here's Embun Lily first passport photo

Mata tak boleh bulat lagi ke Embun Lilyyy? Haha! so funny!

And note to other parents, if you want to do your child's passport, must register her/him first as citizenship, then you caannn do the passport! haha didn't know that! :p I thought it's auto je jadi citizen ;p aiyoooo

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