Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Things that I wish I knew before..

Being a PARENT!

While pregnant, I kept thinking, or worrying about labour.. the pain, the pain and THE PAIN! haha, that's all. BUT there are few things that I wish I knew after the labour (when the pain is over, of course)

#1 - How To Take Care of a Newborn Baby

Haha! seriously! because of I delivered 7.27pm, I had to stay at labour ward until right after midnight, had to wait for doctor's examination and etc. So around 12.30am, midwife checked me in at normal ward and Azli had to go home straight away(husband not allowed to overnight), then reality really hit me! am aloneeeeee with a baby! seriously had no idea what to do, what to expect and seriously how to survive! :) haha! thank god, we both survived (the first night we're together!) It was a sleepless and exhausted night I ever experience!! Dah lah penat bersalin, before tu penat contractions lagi, then malam tue I was not allowed to sleep at all (by Embun Lily of course, haha!) memang lah penat, tak boleh nak cakap, Embun Lily refused to sleep in her cot, at first she's ok, then katil depan tue baby dia menangis,(4bed in a room) terus lah anak I ni menangis, I think dia takut dengar unfamiliar voice then I put her by my side, terus diam, then put back in her cot, nangis, I think back and forth 5 times kot, because I wanted to sleep, how with her by my side kan? katil hospital dah lah kecik, nanti I tidur,  mane entah baby. So end up I just let her sleep peacefully by my side as your royal highness Embun Lily demanding. ;) 

#2 The Ugly Truth of Breastfeeding

It hurts! I didn't aware about this,so I totally unprepared mentally and physically. At first I only worried about latching, I need to learn how to breastfeed and baby need to learn how to latch properly, then the sore nipples, crack nipples, and finally sekali rasa nak demam bila milk start to fill in, (Imagine, baru nak healing sakit beranak, then nak demam sebab breast pulak, waaaa )until one point I just want to give up. Sakittttt sgt bila dia hisap tu kan, sampai keluar air mata. Luckily, midwives here(in my area) were really supportive during this period, they visit us, (there are few compulsory visit) and they called me up when they not visiting, just to check on me, because I wanted to breasfeed, but it hurts, so they assisted me through the process. I think THE WILL power yang penting kot, sebab if either I want or I didnt want to, so I just keep calm and breastfeed ;p haha! After 10days of breastfeed, everything dah okay dah, and I get used to it. It much more easier for me, because I got 39weeks of maternity leave, soooo breastfeed je lah, nasib baik tak breastpump :p tak guna pon. :) 

#3 Falling in LOVE 

When your Camera, Phones, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, (basically all around you) flooding up with her pictures. Haha!

I think theoretically I always knew but, when the reality hit me, then....

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