Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What's Up?

It's been a while! Anyway like most of people, everyone caught up with Instagram, with their really nice line up boxes pictures of your life kan! hehe! So I join the bandwagon now.. since my bb decided to mati.. bye bye bb, and now in love with S3!!! I know I know, why not Iphone or S4, S3 is doing super fine for me for now!

Embun Lily is doing really fine, great!!! time do flies fast.. I'm blessed and glad with my decision for taking 42weeks of maternity leave, watching her development every single day... nothing can replace that!! :) I'll update my cheeky lil baby development in another entry, I HOPE I should update this blog more often. its been 9 years of blog entries here.. :) 

Anyway here's pictures of Embun Lily, she's 4 and half months this week! :)

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